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Ultrasounds, labs and non-stress tests

Whether you need a diagnosis for a gynecologic problem or an ultrasound to check on a developing baby, you can get many of the ultrasounds and lab tests you need in the Novant Health Triad Obstetrics & Gynecology office.

On-site ultrasounds

Ultrasounds, also called sonograms or baby scans, are exams that use sound waves to create images of structures in the body. These images can be helpful in the diagnosis of gynecologic problems and in monitoring the growth of an unborn child. Some ultrasounds can be done through the abdomen, while others must be done trans-vaginally. Ultrasounds can often be scheduled to coincide with your regular appointment. Please note: Ultrasounds are billed separately from global maternity coverage.

On-site labs

Novant Health Triad Obstetrics & Gynecology offers an on-site lab so that patients can have necessary lab work drawn without leaving our office. This includes most basic blood and urine lab tests. This is convenient for you and your provider; not having to make a separate appointment for lab work means you can get that testing completed quickly so you can begin prompt treatment if necessary.

You will receive a bill for lab work separate from the bill for your office visit. 

Non-stress tests

During pregnancy, it might be necessary to monitor the activity and well-being of your baby. A non-stress test (NST) is a non-invasive test that allows your provider to monitor your baby's heart rate and activity over a period of time. This testing is not necessary in all pregnancies. Your provider will determine if you need a NST.



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