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Natural childbirth

Our goal throughout your pregnancy is to care for you and your baby in the most careful and cooperative way possible, and that continues during and after your delivery. The providers at Novant Health Triad Obstetrics & Gynecology support women desiring an unmedicated childbirth, as well as those who wish to use pain medications.

We strive to educate you and provide you with resources to learn about labor and delivery options, to know your preferences, and to maximize your chances of a vaginal delivery without necessary interventions. For example, we encourage our patients to learn about the Bradley Method and Lamaze as ways to manage pain during labor. We also support the use of doulas, or labor coaches.

Should you decide to use pain medications during labor, our providers will work with you to determine the pain relief best for you. Individualized pain management means you get the relief you need using the level of sedation or medication you want.

Benefits of natural childbirth

Many women who choose natural childbirth say they feel more in control and involved in labor. They are also able to move more freely during labor, and do not lose any sensation or alertness. Partners often feel more involved in the delivery since couples regularly work together to manage pain. Some studies suggest unmedicated childbirth leads to fewer medical interventions including forceps deliveries and Pitocin to strengthen contractions.

When intervention is necessary

The doctor and midwife at Novant Health Triad Obstetrics & Gynecology respect a woman's wish for a natural childbirth. However, there are circumstances where medical intervention is necessary to preserve your health or the health of your baby. If one of these situations arises, your provider will explain your options or the necessary intervention. Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center is equipped to offer any intervention you might need.

We understand there is also a chance that you will change your mind about your desire to use or not use pain medication. We will respect your decision and will work to deliver the birth experience, including the pain relief methods, you desire.

Remember, a birth plan is not set in stone. When you choose Novant Health Triad Obstetrics & Gynecology, you can trust we will respect your wishes but always keep your health and the health of your baby our top priority.

A note about water births

Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center does not allow water births. You will be free to use the shower or tub during the earlier stages of your labor.



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